How to Stage a Home for the Health-Conscious Buyer

The Balance defines staging of a home as ‘a growing trend in real estate. It is easily important in slow markets with high inventory and many competing homes…staging homes, particularly vacant homes, has become popular because buyers have trouble visualizing living in a home with empty rooms.’


Staging a home has become one of the most effective ways to close deals. As the definition states, this practice helps potential buyers imagine their future in a home. Most real estate agents create a neutral environment in the staged homes.  They allow the buyer to customize it with their imagination. However, sometimes if you live in a certain area, you want to customize the home to fit a specific demographic.


For this post, we focus on general home staging tips, and how to specifically cater a staged home to health conscious buyers.


Declutter the Space


Remove anything that makes the home seem too lived in. Take down family photos, notes on the fridge, signs, etc. You want the home to seem like a display model home, not customized but furnished and decorated.


The purpose of the staged home is to create an attractive home without making buyers feel like they’re intruding on someone’s life.


Reorganize and Redecorate the Space


Use perception tricks to manipulate the mind and make the home appear more spacious. Rearrange the furniture to create more space. Remove any items that make the room look too clustered.


Create a fresher look with a new coat of paint. Use eco-friendly products to clean and paint the house. Mention the products to buyers to emphasize the green home.


Organize some health magazines and pamphlets on the coffee table. Print the booklets out from Medifast’s website.


The display of these magazines enter the subconscious, and plant the idea of the space being perfect for healthy eating and living.


Do not neglect the patio or backyard area. Add some flowers to the garden, cut the grass, and remove debris. You want to decorate and stage the entire home to create the full effect of living in it.


Mention how the patio could be used for meditation and yoga.


Clean small spaces as well. Empty the medicine cabinet to create the illusion of lots of storage space


Remodel Certain Rooms


If the budget allows it, remodel the bathroom and kitchen before selling the house. Use eco-friendly material, such as cork flooring, bamboo wood, recycled glass tiles and SoyGel paint, in the redesign.


Invest in new appliances, especially things like a new refrigerator and a stove. Also buy some small appliances, such as a blender from Medifast. You only want these items as part of the display tactic, so do not invest too much into them. In fact, use coupons to avoid overspending.


These products make the home look more modern and appealing.


Appeal to green living focused buyers by discussing adding a solar energy system to the home. This can be a costly addition, but many buyers are willing to pay more for eco-friendly homes.


Leave healthy snacks on the counter during open-houses to once again show the importance of this home and healthy living.


Also emphasize any nearby facilities that focus on healthy living, like fitness studios, health-conscious restaurants and grocery stores.

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